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Washington County Business Council

Since its establishment in 2007, the Washington County Business Council has sought to protect and promote business interests at regional and state levels. Our action-oriented alliance fights government inefficiencies and unduly restrictive legislation that inhibits the business community’s ability to thrive.

We recognize our civic duty as proprietors of our neighbors and fellow citizens’ economic environment. That is why we are committed to promoting political initiatives that foster healthy business, and to eliminating cumbersome regulations that threaten growth and opportunity.

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Barry A. Dennis

Our speaker for January 14, 2020


Barry Dennis is a world-renowned singer/songwriter, inspirational speaker, author and father.


Our Mission

To foster a prosperous free market economy by minimizing government-imposed regulatory and financial burdens on the business community.

Our Core Principles



We empower our members with information that is both general to business, and industry-specific, because we represent types of commerce that span the spectrum. Educating our members about current, relevant issues arms them against otherwise overwhelming forces like government regulations, globalization, and the practical impact of technological advancement.



We strive to enable businesses to fully exercise their constitutional rights in a free market economy. That means advocacy at all levels. Our members testify before city, county, state, and federal governmental agencies regarding legislation that impacts the success of all businesses. Concurrently, we support specific members who encounter public or private obstacles to their full engagement in free enterprise.



Business interests are under political siege. Local and national government forces are trying to legislate away our freedom. Fellowship is the best weapon we have to fight back. Cooperation between our members and with the greater business community fosters mutual respect and camaraderie. Together, we work to not only serve our individual interests, but also in the interest of a fair, free market economy.

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