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The WCBC was established in 2007 by a group of local business people with the intent to promote and protect the interests of business with respect to local, regional, and state political initiatives. Members must be a business owner, including partner, or a CEO of a business or otherwise, a person with a substantial financial interest in a business; and share in the following core values.

The “core values” of the Washington County Business Council are:

  1. Capitalism, private ownership of business and its production and profits should be a priority over government and will provide the best quality of life for all citizens.
  2. Competition for business best serves our community and should be free of unreasonable government regulations, laws and restrictions.
  3. Government should only provide services for citizens that cannot feasibly, economically or legally be provided by private enterprise.
  4. Government issues and candidates shall be judged based upon individual merits beneficial to the interests of the business community.
  5. Citizens will be better served if their views and the views of the business community are adequately expressed to the local, county, state and federal governments and their various governing boards and agencies
  6. Citizens and the business community are entitle to carefully scrutinize each government expenditure and their concerns should be promptly responded to by the appropriate government agency.

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